Semper Veritas

Magna est veritas et praevalebit

Great is truth & it will prevail



Charms on a Chain

Unknown Woman
Artist: Unknown

This radio programme was inspired by the above painting of an Unknown Woman painted by an Unknown Artist given to the National Portrait Gallery, London in 1931. To a casual viewer this painting may seem unimportant.

However, look closely. Can you spot the following items? The white rose of York, a charm bracelet with a barrel charm, royal ermine and a golden ‘W’.

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Episodes List

Episode XV: The Dishonest Narrator

Episode XIV: Love Poetry II

Episode XIII: Love Poetry

Episode XII: Children’s Poetry II

Episode XI: Children’s Poetry

Episode X: Humorous Poetry

Episode IX: Nature II

Episode VIII: Nature I

Episode VII: Monsters

Episode VI: Listen to My Story

Episode V: Parodies

Episode IV: Bad Poetry

Episode III: Armistice Day Special

Episode II: Introduction to Poetry

Episode I: Halloween Special

The Unknown Woman

Unknown Woman
Artist: Unknown

The woman in the painting is believed to be Margaret Pole, daughter of George Duke of Clarence, grand-daughter of Warwick the King maker, niece to two Kings (Edward IV and Richard III) and sister to Plantagenet heir Edward Plantagenet XVII Earl of Warwick.